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1295 mp3's with 46 hours digital interpretation of demanding less known pianomusic in the sound of precious modern concert grand pianos



historical Keyboards:

687 mp3's with 27 hours digital Interpretation of compositions on sampled original instruments of their time



Orchestral music:

198 mp3's with 19 hours digital interpretation of demanding and rare orchestral music 




162 mp3's with 10 hours digitale interpretation of demanding mostly seldom heard Chambermusic




98 mp3's with 9 hours digital interpretation of demanding rarely or never before recorded music for soloist and orchestra




321 mp3's with 10 hours digital Interpretation of demanding less known music with voices



Pop, Jazz:

22 mp3's with 80 minutes Experiments with the roots of digital musicproduction in Pop, Rock and Jazz


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2600 mp3's with together approx. 110 hours duration and further ca. 1000 others in preparation

variety of musical topics

more than 30 different topics followed over more than 400 Years musical history


30 hours "unsung" music from over 4 Centuries


1295 mp3's in completly recorded workgroups


more than 30 large-scale Projects already realised and more than 20 prepared.

Infoslides for two examples of digital Interpretation (please click on the pictures):

a) E.Franck Impromptu op.10,1

from scan to the Mp3-File.

op.10,1 - 1: unedited midifile

op.10,1 - 2: Mp3 after editing in the sequencer

b) F.Draesekes Orchestrapiece Frithjof WoO 7

from the manuscript to the Mp3-File

Frithjof -  1: unedited Midifile from the notationsoftware

Frithjof - 2: Mp3 from the sequencer after editing


Youth: The first Pianolesson I received when I was five years old from Miss Teichmann in Goettingen'/Germany. The lady impressed me from the first lesson, since she was as livly as only Italians could be. She came from Itatly before she married a german. After her Death I change to her former student Gerrit Zitterbart .
Pianostudies: After School I studied the piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts (=KUG) in Graz/Austria with Prof. Sebastian Benda (See him in the Youtubevideo from an Edwin Fisher Masterclass). In several interpretationcourses and masterclasses I received some additional advises from Einaar Steen Noekleberg , Hans Leygraf , Lew Naumov, Jürgen Uhde, Tibor Hazay und Peter Feuchtwanger . Beside the classical Piano I studied at the KUG Graz at the the same time Jazzpiano with Harry Neuwirth and paricipated during those studies Workshops with Bobby McFerrin , Bill Dobbins, Richie Beirach and others.
Musicology: After acheeving the permission to teach Piano at the KUG/Graz I changed to the F.U. Berlin where I graduate in musicology with Prof. Rudolf Stephan and achieved a Masterdegree with an Analysis of a large Work for Choir and orchestra by the german romantic composer Felix Draeseke and became doctor in musicology with a monographical thesis about one of the very few students of Johannes Brahms Robert Kahn .
(More information about me in german...)


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Amount perfect votings (July I. 2017)

42-Hob.XVI:1 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

34-Rachmaninoff: Paganini Rhapsodie

29-Clara Schumann: Impomptu op.9

27-Hob.XVI:1 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

20-Pachelbel Aria mit 4 Variationen (1689)

17-Jean Louis Nicodé: "Das Meer"

17-Alban Berg 3 Orchesterstücke op.6

14-1. Preludio, Etudes d’exécution transcendante

14-Felix Draeseke: Walzer-Scherzo op.5 Nr.2

13-Jean Louis Nicodé: "Gloria !"

11-Draeseke: Fantasie op.8 über Themen aus Boieldieus La Dame blanche

10-W.A.Mozart: Adagio Kv 617 für Glasharmonika, Flöte, Oboe, Viola und Violoncello

10-Goldbergvariationen BWV 988 (Cembalo)

9-Felix Draeseke: Frithjof WoO 7

8-2. Präludium und Fuge c-Moll, BWV 847

8-Hob.XVI:2 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

7-Janacek "Intime Briefe" 1. Satz

7-Hob.XVI:49 aus: Zwei Sonaten (1789/90)

7-Italienisches Konzert F-Dur BWV 971 (Steinway)

7-Goldbergvariationen BWV 988 (Steinway)

7-Felix Draeseke: Walzer-Nocturne op.5 Nr.1

6-Georg A. Benda Klavierkonzert G-Dur L-688 (ca. 1740)

6-Franz Schmidt (1874-1939) Scherzo aus Str.-quartett in A

6-Martin Kollas: 6 Miniaturen für zwei Klarinetten

6-Giovanni Gabrieli: Ricercar

6-Johann Sebastian Bach: Fuge für Lautenwerck g-Moll BWV 1000

6-Italienisches Konzert F-Dur BWV 971 (Cembalo)

6-Hob.XVI:2 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

6-Hob.XVI:4 aus: Die frühen Sonaten (ca. 1760–1767)

6-Hob.XVI:34 aus: Drei Sonaten (um 1780)

6-Sonate ohne Hobockenzahl in Es Nr.2 (1760-1767)

6-Heavy Paganini

6-Bill Evans Interpretation von D.Brubecks "In your own sweet way"

5-Giovanni Maria Trabaci: Versi

5-Claudio Merulo Secondo Tuono Toccata Terza